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More freedom to do what you love.

Get expertise from Geeker’s powerful Excel specialists. Lightning fast, video-based guidance, and exceptionally secure.

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Excel spreadsheets, vlookups,

and everything in the margins

Between formulas and equations, Excel is tough.
Not knowing where to turn when you have an issue is tougher.

Individually, each Geeker has over 10 years of experience.
And as a team?

Geeker’s accredited Team, unmatched service and easy setup ensure you walk away with your Excel problems solved, granting you confidence for whatever comes next.

I’ve tried online tech help before, but none comes close to Geeker

Mordy S

"I've tried online tech help before, but none comes close to Geeker"

The price and tech help is unbeatable. The tech guys were swift, did everything I needed them to do by sharing my screen, and they're the best priced I've seen.

I’ve tried online tech help before, but none comes close to Geeker

Isabela R

"They solved my problem in 7 minutes"

When I came to Geeker, I was having a lot of trouble. It was super frustrating, especially when I needed Now! I requested help and Geeker solved my problem in 7 minutes. Seriously in love with the concept and how EASY it all was!

I’ve tried online tech help before, but none comes close to Geeker

Morris T

"Professional and thorough"

The IT guy was really professional at his job. I had 3 problems and he solved them in 30 minutes flat. Very thorough. Recommend if you're having IT issues you need fixed now.

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Fast. Safe. Trusted. Reliable.

Excel Experts that Outperform


Why are my spreadsheets not opening up? Why are macros not working? How do I enable it?

Geeker walks you through live-guidance to effectively diagnose your Excel issues and get you running again.


Over 475 formulas on Excel? Yup! And it can be tough to find the right formula and know how to use them.

Geeker’s highly-specialized team source, identify, and harness the formulas you need and smooth over any errors in your formula.


How do I fix chart data? Why are my percentages not adding up? What is #VALUE?

Geeker quickly finds the root of the issue and cures all problems so you never have to face “####” again.


Why isn’t my vlookup working properly? Why does my screen say ‘vlookup invalid error”? How do I fix #N/A?

Geeker takes over and swiftly tackles the problem to bring you the most effective solution.

*first session on the house!

Commonly Asked Qs:

Will I have to pay the same set price for a session?
No! Geeker builds every 6 minutes into your session and calculates your price so you never have to worry about being overcharged.

Will my great-aunt Sue be able to use Geeker?
Absolutely! Geeker is built for everyone, from the CEO to your great-aunt.

Is there a fee for signing up?
Sign-up is free, and when you sign up now your first session is on the house!

*try Geeker 100% risk-free