Your IT, Excel, and

Quickbooks* Issues solved:

on your lunch break

*and Microsoft Programs and Google Suite, too.

Hey, you!

We’re a team of technicians, software experts, and certified geeks who want nothing more than to solve your PC struggles, Software Issues and your Quickbook Qs.

We never make you overpay. We bill you for every 6 minutes, so you can feel confident you’re not getting overcharged.

“What makes Geeker


“What makes Geeker Different?”

100% American based Your IT and tech questions are solved quick and confidently by a US based technician you’ll understand and trust.

Rapidly fast service Your issues are resolved by an IT expert fast, easily and efficiently without sacrificing time or quality.

One-time subscription Your card is stored on file so you can track billing in one convenient hub, without wasting an extra dime.

Rigorous background checks Your software expert and computer geeks are given extensive background checks to certify qualification and expertise.

Experience Exceptional.

Experience Geeker.


David, our founder, runs a successful real estate firm. And while he’s GREAT at real estate, when it comes to tech-y software issues?

He struggled with

  • – finding the right formula
  • – creating a graph 📊
  • – …and other small problems

He didn’t know where to turn when he needed something done RIGHT and fixed FAST.

So he decided to do something about it, to help others like him and you…

…And Geeker was born.


Geeker /ɡēk/ər/ noun ➤ a team of trained and certified geeks + specialists, here to help you with your IT, Microsoft office programs, Google Suite and Quickbooks.

(Computer Obsessed. Software Nerds. Coffee Addicts.)

We get it. You’re busy. Pick your persona:

The Businessman : “I’ve got a
meeting in an hour and this needs to be done NOW!”

The Grandparent: “Help! My
computer isn’t working and I just want to speak to my grandkids…”

Everyone Else: We haven’t
forgotten about you. There’s always something that comes up, right?

Maybe you’ve got a tech crisis. Maybe you wanna figure out a report or formula and aren’t sure how. And you don’t have time to play around ~ you need it done NOW before your meeting at 1:30. So you Google it. But you’re not sure how to explain what you need. You search “I wanna add that thing over… there” but the answers are unhelpful :/ You don’t have time to hang around on call to have your problem solved in 3 hours. You need it done fast. That’s where we come in 🙂